Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Acrylic Paint 101, Part 2 - Layering

OK, here is another video demo on the basics of acrlyic paints.
  • Let your paints dry between layers.  
  • Pay attention to transparency and opacity when layering.

 Here are a few pieces that rely heavily on layering transparent and opaque paints:

10"x10", acrylic, collage, and drawing media on panel

10"x10" acrylic, collage, and drawing media on panel

8"x8" acrylic, collage, and drawing media on panel

You will get plenty of practice with paint in my workshops.  Coming up next is:

Art and Soul in Portland, Oregon 

March 2 - 8
5 spaces left in Big Fat Art
4 spaces left in Working in Series
My other workshops are full, but you can get on a wait list.

In April I am teaching for the first time at Northeast Art Workshops in Gloucester, MA

Balancing Opposites: the Yin and Yang of Abstract Composition

April 15 - 17, three-day workshop


  1. Thank You for sharing so much of your process with us, I do have a question regarding one of the colors you use Saladon Grey ( Spelling) I would like to know the name of the company that makes that color and where I can get it, I checked Golden but they do not have it listed .
    Thank You.

    1. Celadon. Blick Matte Acrylics. They are GREAT for white, black, neutrals (grays) and pastels. Really opaque. And CHEAP!

  2. Thank you again Jane for such excellent instruction.

  3. Geesh! I just wrote a comment with some quesitons and it vannished- hmmm. I'm afraid to try and recreate it and then have it show up again. Ugh computers-can't live with them, can't....

    Yes thanks Jane for all you are sharing so generous with us. I hope to get into an online class later this year and hopefully snag an "in-person" opportunity next. In the mean time, since you're covering basics, I've got a couple of quesitons.

    Do you like to listen to anything while you are painting? I'm a quilter (by obsession) and ocassionally find books on tape to be fun or really, once I'm in my groove I can listen to anything-- Mind you not while I'm figuring or desigining that requires all my attention. Of course painting requires much more of my "soul". I've tried silence-not so fun b/c of you know who (inner critic). Ambient music / sound was much better though anything more engaging, like with lyrics, would probably interfere.

    Would you be so kind as to show us a larger image (or maybe even a vid-tour) of your space? Besides being nosey, my question stems from feeling cramped in my current painting space, which I carved out of my sewing space. Sometimes I feel like an entire wall would be just the right size because of how my arm/ body wants to move.

    Finally, I get the part about making a lot of art as a process for finding your voice, groove, muse and I'm obeying that edict cranking out lots of stuff that I don't really love but am remaining as agnostic as I can reviewing them before I begin again - continuing with them an d starting more from zero. What I would like is a couple of prompts. I hear you say that you work in series starting with a shape, or medium or color___________(fill in the blank here please). What is the second or third quesiton you ask yourself in your explorations? I can start with high flow black and a pipette or some other tool and once I get going the next thing I start to do feels way too directive- like "ok that's kind of a cool line it reminds me of "X" and I then begin to push everything in the direction of "X". I hope you understand this blather and are able to respond.

    Thanks again for your good teaching!


    1. Geesh indeed! I'll try to answer your questions:
      Go to my blog archive, to March 2012, and see "Studio Organization". I've re-organized my studio since then because if different requirements, and may do a post on that.

      For a "prompt", take one of my workshops, or anyone else's workshops. I can't tell you in a single comment how to start a series. OR give yourself some direction.

      I don't listen to music while working because it takes too much of my attention. Sometimes NPR news/talk/interview shows. Never books on tape (only in my car).

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  5. Hi Jane, I just want to thank you for all you share with us. It's so much fun to watch you paint and create...I always want to run straight to my studio after watching one of your videos!!

  6. lovly can i get some info where i can buie this transparent coulour and what is tier original highflow acrylics atransparetn colour or among this group?


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