Thursday, January 15, 2015

Out Takes from a Series

My last few posts have been about series I'm working on now:  the black and white pieces, and the neutrals.  For the most part I ALWAYS work in series; I always start with the idea that I will do multiple pieces exploring similar issues, whether it's color, technique, a certain combination of visual elements, or other set of parameters.  It is obvious to me, and perfectly acceptable, that not all the pieces I do come to a satisfactory conclusion.  Here are a few out takes, or I'll call them works in progress, from the neutral pieces I demonstrated in the last  post:

I may need to paint over more of this.  Letting it think a while.

This one is starting to look a little fussy to me.

I like the gestural, raw quality of the paint strokes in this one.

This one might be done, but I'm letting it sit a while before I decide.

Actually, this one is definitely done.  Love the minimal quality.

 Meanwhile, I still have the black and white series going, and started some 20"x20" pieces in addition to the 12"x12"s. 

Table full of Black and White Pieces in progress
Many of you know from my workshops that I emphasize working in series, or working in quantity, or at least working on several pieces at once.  It helps you let go of the preciousness of the individual piece, and explore an idea more deeply.  I am offering a one-day working specifically on Working In Series at Art and Soul in Portland this March.  Check it out here.  In my longer workshops we work on whatever the topic is, but always in multiples. 


  1. I look forward to you posts. Even though I tend to be a color seeker your black and white and neutrals are very appealing. I originally purchased your book, "Collage With Color" for my son. He kind of let it lay there. When I opened that book it was like an inspiration explosion to me. That was nearly five years ago. My greeting cards and hand bound journals owe a great debt of gratitude to the techniques you shared in that book and my son letting it lay there.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. LOVE to see the process!

  3. I read the word "preciousness" and I so identify with the need to let go. I hoard the precious stuff and then wonder why I don't have finished projects that I really like. (Duh. The things that would make it wonderful are squirreled away in a box/file for safekeeping.)

    I will take your advice and try a series. Haven't done that before. Thanks for sharing, Jane. (I do love the piece that you called finished.)

  4. I like you also work in series and find this is a natural way for my work to progress. However I have found that once I get precious over a particular passage in a work in progress; it can completely dominate and spoil the work as I will then work around it at the expense of the whole
    So now I try to recognise when this is happening and avoid allowing the preciousness to reign
    Love your work Jane and I think all of your examples are very worthy of this series worthy. Thanks for sharing best ashar

  5. Hi Jane! I don't think I have commented here before, I had to today to say my favorite one here is the one with no comment accompanying it! There ya go, a little something something from a neighbor here in Wolcott Vermont..! Keep warm...Carroll

    1. Hey, thanks. You keep warm too. MAN it's freezing!!! Maybe Jo, below, can send us some sunshine, since it's summer where she lives (Queensland, I think, Australia).

  6. It's always helpful to see how you work. Your workshops really make me think, play, and stretch.

  7. Your out takes caused an in take . . . of breath.

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  9. Please, what mediums are you working with ?


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