Friday, August 1, 2014

Pix from Phoenix

Just back from my Southwest trip; here are a few pix of student work from Art Unraveled in Phoenix:

And here are two that I did as demos for my Postcards class.  The project is to work on 8"x12" paper, and make a composition such that each quarter is different.  Then you cut the piece into quadrants and you have four different postcards, 4"x6".  That is the challenge:  the postcards have to look like they did not all come from the same piece.  It's a lot harder than it sounds.

I have not cut these into quarters yet, and I may not do so.  Often when I work this way, trying to get each quarter different, with no Unity, Balance, Etc. in mind, I come up with pieces that I find really interesting.

Here they are "cut", in Photoshop, into quarters.  Here is the first one:

And the second one:

I will be teaching my "Art of the Postcard" at Art and Soul in Virginia Beach on the evening of Wednesday, October 1.  See my other offerings here.  See the whole list of workshops here.


  1. that would be tough to cut them up. great work.

  2. These are terrific! I'm always impressed by the quality of work that you draw out of your students.

  3. Your work is so inspiring, Jane, love it.

  4. Some really yummy work there...particularly your postcards.

  5. Ah, now, Jane, you've set me a real challenge. I can hardly wait to get the paint on my

    Kat M.


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