Sunday, July 27, 2014

Santa Fe Workshop

I just finished my five-day workshop at Valdes Art Workshops in Santa Fe.  AWESOME!!  I had a fabulous group of sixteen participants, all of whom were pushing themselves and making great breakthroughs, really going out on a limb.  This is what I like to see in a workshop.  I emphasize a focus on process, and hope to give you a few more tools of a healthy art practice. The finished piece is sometimes a byproduct, but it is not the focus in my workshops.

That said, here is some gorgeous work made by the workshop participants.  Some of it is in process, some may be finished:

Study of shapes on Cheap Drawing Paper

series in process, on 4"x4"

Study of shapes on printmaking paper

Taking the Shapes a little further

Two of a series of 4"x4"s

Work in Progress, though I just love this depth and texture

Lines and shapes

Abstract landscape in process

One of a series of Teeny Tiny pieces, about 6"x8"

A practice in Painting Over on Cheap Drawing Paper, 9"x12"

A study in shapes, 9"x12"

Donna's breakthrough piece, 10"x10"

Part of a series of 4"x4"'s

Study in Shapes, painting out negative space
Donna Painting

Darcie Painting

You can see why I had so much fun at this workshop, with all this diverse strong work coming out of it!  I did get a little time on Friday evening to go gallery hopping on Canyon Road, and had a couple of evenings during the week to see the beautiful landscape surrounding the city.  Melinda Tidwell invited me to her studio!!  Check her out.

I'll be returning with in 2016, July 25 - 29, and will announce that officially when Valdes puts together their 2016 calendar. This year the workshop filled up quickly and there were no cancellations, so sign up early for 2016 if you are interested.  THANKS for visiting!


  1. ALL The best! Thanks for sharing...LOVE your colors!

  2. Must've been SO exciting. Thanks for the link to Melinda Tidwell....previously unfamiliar to me. I'm now following her on all her sites. FABULOUS collages.

  3. Jane, such good work, you must have been over the moon and so pleased with these outcomes, wish I could take one of your classes somewhere near Maryland or Virginia.


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