Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fogo Island, Newfoundland

I did a recent post on my Newfoundland Paintings, and now I want to show you the place that inspired them.

Hiking trail in the town of Fogo

Loads of icebergs floating through this area
Fogo Island Arts offers artists residencies in four different studios on the island.  These are designed by Todd Saunders, who is originally from Gander, Newfoundland.
Long Studio, front view

Long Studio, side view.  This is in the town of Joe Batt's Arm, where we stayed for several days.
Tower Studio

Tower Studio does not seem all that tall in person, but here I am standing on the side of it, and it looks a lot bigger.

Squish Studio, in the town of Tilting

Bridge Studio in Deep Bay
Vida Simon, who lives on Fogo Island and in Montreal, offers a series of workshops on Fogo Island, called "Funnell Workshops", making use of Squish Studio and other locations.  See Vida Simon's web site and her book, INKLINGS - Gestes, Murmures, Ruminations, which I have and absolutely treasure!  Tiny little personal drawings and ideas.  Here are a few of her recent watercolors that I pulled off her Funnell blog:
Vida Simon, "Voice", watercolor

Vida Simon, "Filaments", watercolor

Vida Simon, "Blue Filter"
A few links to find out more about Fogo Island, see pictures, discover the art scene and local culture:

Fogo Island Inn - we did not stay there, but did take a tour.  The furnishings are all made locally and incorporate traditional forms. 

Shorefast Foundation, which helps fund projects that support economic and cultural resilience on Fogo Island.  See this fabulous short video about the quilts on Fogo Island, from Shorefast.

Newfoundland and Labrador traveler information on Fogo and Change Islands.
Typical fence in the town of Tilting
I certainly hope to return to Fogo Island, though it is a long journey to get there.  A thoroughly enjoyable one, though.  Thanks for visiting.


  1. What a great place, Jane! Thanks for sharing pix.

  2. Loved the pictures and the architecture. I have a friend who grew up on Fogo Island so
    I must tell her to have a look. Thanks

  3. Amazing studios!!!...and inspiring place. Thanks for the intro to Vida Simon....I will definitely be checking her out.

  4. What a fantastic place to create and just to be!

  5. beautiful, love those watercolours by Vida Simon, very inspiring !

  6. I loved everything about this post! Thanks!


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