Friday, August 22, 2014

Winner of Blick Studio Acrylics GIveaway Is....

 Sara Evans!  Congratulations.  I chose this entry at random from the pieces that met the criteria, NOT because the others are not as good.  All of the entries were quite beautiful and interesting. 

I got lots of great submissions for this project, and I am posting a representative sample.  Some readers seemed to have the impression that the instructions included actually cutting up the piece, but they don't.  You just make a piece in which the four quadrants are enough different from each other so that IF you cut it in four, the pieces would not look like they all came from the same piece.  It is a lot harder than it looks because our natural (or cultivated) tendency is to unify, to make things balanced and matchy matchy.  Variety, diversity, elements that contrast, combinations that produce tension or dissonance, THAT is hard.  But in doing so, we have an opportunity to observe the inner friction, and also to expand our mark-making vocabulary.  Here are a few samples of the entries:

Sara Evans, our WINNER!

Barbara Bytwerk

Jacqueline Quinn
Debbie, who blogged about this project here.
And now for a video of me doing this project:

Here are the two pieces that resulted:

This is the main one in the video; you can see I painted over that section on the left that was giving me trouble.  Lot of editing there.

This is the piece that I started at the end of the video.  I was more relaxed with this one.

THANK YOU to all who participated!  If you have any suggestions for other projects I might offer in this way (take submissions, offer a giveaway), please make suggestions.


  1. Wonderful inspirational video...many great paintings, Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Congratulations Sara! Your piece is beautiful!

  3. Just watched the video jane i have learned so much from your tutorials thanks for the inspiration

  4. Jane what type of heavy paper are you using for the postal card creations?

  5. Sara's entry is great. Love the colors. Congrats to her. What a surprise to see my entry as well. That was almost - almost - as much fun as winning. Thanks, Jane! That was a learning experience.

  6. Jane, What a nice surprise to see my entry posted! Thanks for the fun challenge and also taking the time to do your video! It's great to be able to follow along while you are creating, and hear your thought process as you go! I learn so much

  7. I reoyed this exercise, even though l didn't send my pieces in. It helped me to become more relaxed in thinking, when painting. Loved the video. Thanks Jane. :)xally enj

  8. Fantastic showcase, thank you so much for sharing your journey!

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  10. I think the paintings are very good.


  11. Fascinating video and project. Thank you for sharing.

  12. i really enjoyed watching you work. Your process is so loose and experimental in the beginning. It looks like fun, not work. I love the resulting paintings. Thank you for the inspiration.

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