Friday, August 29, 2014

Studio Notes

I have been spending most of this week on a big reorganizing of my studio.  This seems to be necessary every couple of years as my work changes and evolves.  The current challenge is that I would like to continue working larger (up to 3'x3' so far), and I have very little vertical wall space (my studio is under a gable, think attic with knee walls).  I'll take pix when the project is done, or at least workable.  Meanwhile, I continue to work on "100 Drawings on Cheap Paper", which is just an idea, not a real goal.  I don't care how many of these things I do, it's just fun to work this way.
A dozen in process.  Some might be finished.  Each 9"x12"

Another shot of same.

#31, 9"x12", acrylic, crayon, graphite, ink on cheap drawing paper

#32, 9"x12", acrylic, crayon, graphite, ink on cheap drawing paper

#33, 9"x12", acrylic, crayon, graphite, ink on cheap drawing paper

#34, 9"x12", acrylic, crayon, graphite, ink on cheap drawing paper

#35, 9"x12", acrylic, crayon, graphite, ink on cheap drawing paper

Previous posts on this topic include An Attitude of Practice, Addressing Your Inner Critic (speed painting demo), More Stacks of Shapes, and more.  Each one of these links to a previous post on same topic.  For information on materials used in these pieces, see My Favorite Materials.

I will be offering a "100 Drawings" class online starting in January.  IT IS POSTED NOW.  Go to Online Workshops, and it is at the top.  Extreme Composition and Sketchbook Practice are scheduled and open for registration 100.  "100 Drawings" will run concurrent with Extreme Composition, but it will be a 10-week course, not the usual 6-week format.


  1. Fun, Fun, and Fun! I've been wanting to take one of your online classes for ages - maybe now is the time. You continue to inspire me.....with this long weekend coming up, I'm going to be grabbing my paintbrushes and cheap paper, for sure! :)

  2. I like these pieces a lot, Jane. Really vibrant!

  3. I should NOT look at your blog when I have something else to do for the entire day not matter how much I have been looking forward to it!

  4. The 100 Drawings class sounds like fun!

  5. One of the things I am enjoying about your recent work is the introduction of some different vibrant and saturated color. Also like some of the earth tones vs the pastels. Some interesting tensions developing.

  6. I am going to check the classes right away. Currently painting Color wheels for your "Unlocking the Secrets of Color" class. I never bothered looking at Color systematically, but I understand the necessity of it now.

  7. Jane, I tried to enrol for the 100 starting in January but I can't see it listed. Am I being stupid or have I misunderstood.

  8. Yep, it's there now! I signed up right away, looking forward to this!

  9. Ok. Can't resist this challenge - I just registered. I KNOW I'll have fun with this... Thank You! tina

  10. Looks like a fabulous class! Is 80# drawing paper the same as card stock or can card stock be used?

  11. I love your abstract work and just ordered your DVD. Can't wait to watch and practice along with you in the comfort of my home art studio:) Artfully abstract Anne

  12. Art From Intuition, what a great title. I think this would be a perfect book to help me lead a group exercise. I am new to fiber art and this book sounds like it might just work. Sophia

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