Sunday, June 29, 2014

Newfoundland Paintings

I am calling these "Newfoundland Paintings" only because I did them last week with my mind still swirling in the fog of Newfoundland (see previous post).  They are 22"x30", and come from the 9"x12" drawings I posted recently, blind and otherwise.

NFLD1, 22"x30", acrylic, graphite, ink, and crayon on paper

NFLD2, 22"x30", acrylic, graphite, ink, and crayon on paper
I will probably change the names of these pieces (I don't even know if they are finished yet) once I get to know them a bit better. "NFLD", or "Newfoundland" is much too general.

Thanks to those of you who commented on my previous post about the 100 Drawings class.  I will plan to offer that class early in 2015, as I have three online classes coming up in the fall.


  1. These are very beautiful Jane. Isn't it wonderful how we go away and bring back new ideas for our work?

  2. Your work is getting more complex and spontaneous. You must be getting in touch with your inner self.

  3. Jane, I looked at your blog timeline and saw that you started it in 2009 and yet, I what've just found it. I know things happen when they are supposed to! I can already tell from this posting that is going to be FUN! I'll definitely be BACK:) Laura

  4. I see Newfoundland in these painting Jane. I love your colors and forms and atmosphere!


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