Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back From Rowe

I just got back from the Rowe Center, in Rowe, MA, where I taught a weekend paint-and-collage workshop.  What a BLAST!!  Rowe is a small camp/conference center out in the sticks of Massachusetts, offering workshops and conferences on a range of topics in areas of personal growth.  We had the place to ourselves (sometimes they have two workshops going on at once), and it was very cozy and communal.  We had all our meals together (fabulous food!), and the staff were great. Such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!  Here are a couple of pix, taken by one of the students:

And here is some student work:



Michelle (maybe in process, maybe finished)

Suzanne (maybe in process, maybe finished)

A table of art, Katie's in the foreground

See my upcoming workshops here.

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  1. Beautiful facility and work! Looks like y'all were having fun!


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