Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Art and Soul In Kansas City March 19 - 23

Well, outside of Kansas City in Excelsior Springs at The Elms Hotel.  It is open for registration, and if you are planning to go, NOW is the time to register!  This is only the second time Art and Soul is offering its unique retreat experience in Kansas City, and last year was a big success.  Fabulous students, fabulous teachers, and a really comfy and accommodating venue.

This year I am offering "Layering with Transparencies", as I did in Portland last fall, but with a few additional materials and techniques.  As you may know, I've been playing with Acrylic Skins, and also with printing on transparent materials with Digital Grounds, so I will be demonstrating these techniques as well as using tissue paper, deli paper, and other materials.  Drafting film and DuraLar are fabulous transparent materials to use in collage, and I'll be bringing samples for everyone.

Collage using acrylic "skin" as transparency

A collage with tissue paper transparency

This is an example of the cool textures you can get on drafting film using a gelliarts gel plate.
In addition to Transparencies, I'm teaching in Kansas City:
I hope you'll consider coming to Art and Soul in Kansas City this March.


  1. Hi Jane, I'm very interested in Layering with Transparencies in the Kansas City retreat. Never having been to one of these kinds of retreats, I am wondering how many people you have in a typical class? Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa. Thanks for your interest! The classes are limited to twenty, but since Kansas City is a relatively new venue, we don't expect full enrollment. The classrooms are large, with plenty of table space.


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