Monday, January 13, 2014

Gel Plate and Open Acrylics Winner

The winner is Robin Broitman!  Congratulations, Robin.  Now it is your job to e-mail me with your shipping/mailing address so I can send you the goodies.  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU for your comments, your enthusiasm, and for joining in the conversation.  All the attention has gone to Amelia's head, and she is strutting around like a rooster.  I'm sure there are more collaborations in our future.  Here is a picture of her:

And this is one of the prints finished, I think:

This is the preliminary version of the piece above.

Thanks again for your participation in this giveaway.  We will be using gel plate techniques in the following upcoming workshops:
And more after that.  See my full 2014 schedule of workshops.  I am not currently offering workshops on chicken art, but maybe Amelia will at some point.


  1. Tell Amelia I'll sign up for a workshop with her any time ! ;-)

  2. It is nice to see Amelia branching out and spreading her wings. HA? The new print is gorgeous and I like the addition of the brown square and diffusion of the aqua color. It gives it weight and settles the composition. Good eye Jane!

  3. These are wonderful Jane. Amelia is pretty great herself! :-)

  4. Congratulations Robin !!

    Great photo of Amelia and I loved her monoprint.... she needs to do some more.

    Jane - love your piece. The colors are fantastic !!

  5. Thank you so much Jane! I can't wait to give these a try! I have emailed you my address.


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