Monday, December 30, 2013

More Teeny Tiny Art

I have been working on more 4"x4"s, and I hope those of you who were inspired by the Giveaway post are having fun with this format as well.  Our winner, Liz Hoffman, will be getting her package this week; hope you have fun with it, Liz!  The rest of you can get 4"x4" panels at Cheap Joe's or Dick Blick or Jerry's Artarama.  When ordering panels, pay attention to the depth.  I use .75" deep panels for my 4"x4" pieces, but some are 7/8" or 1-5/8" deep, which you might prefer.  My favorite are the ones offered by Blick, but Cheap Joe's are a much better deal.  Canadians can get 4"x4" panels at Curry's, which are 1.5" deep.

Here are a few of the latest 4"x4" pieces:







These, AND MORE, are available as prints at Fine Art America, in sizes up to 24"x24", in your choice of framing style.  You can also see them at much higher resolution on Fine Art America.  The originals will be on display at our local library in Rupert for the months of January and February.

Happy New Year!!!!

And thanks to all of you for the 50th birthday wishes.  Best birthday EVER!!  Thanks for making 2013 a totally fabulous year at Jane Davies Studios.


  1. Quick info for Canadians: 4x4 panels can be hard to find. Curry's in Toronto has them for a good price (and has a great postage and handling rate)

    1. Oh, thank you, Sue. I should get more familiar with Canadian suppliers. I'll put a link to Curry's in the post.

  2. for something different for collage, try pages from foreign books, like asian ones, or pages from math books, especially algebra or calculus. I used the formulas as design interest.


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