Monday, December 9, 2013

Season of Giving

I was thinking of ways to give this holiday season, and came up with three charities I would like to support:  Heifer International, which supplies families in the poorest parts of the world with livestock and other goods that help them become self-sufficient; Hunger-Free Vermont, which works towards providing food to all families in Vermont; and Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont, which is providing ways of getting locally grown organic products to families that could not otherwise afford them

So, I am offering the following four pieces, in a seasonally appropriate color scheme, for download for $15.  ALL proceeds from the sale of these will add to my donations to the above organizations.  You will get a zip file with the four images in hi resolution, sized to be printed on 8.5"x11" paper. I recommend printing on matte photo paper for best, framable, results.

Green-Red #1

Green-Red #2

Green-Red #3

Green-Red #4
All four images, downloadable at hi resolution for printing, for a $15 donation:


  1. Good deal for everyone! Happy Holidays, Jane! xo

  2. All marvelous groups....I have always thought Heiffer was wonderful. xox

  3. I love the Heifer project! Great idea!.

  4. What a great idea...I'm delighted to participate. Happy holidays!

  5. THANKS, everyone! I am more-than-matching each contribution you make. I love Heifer too! The other two charities are closer to home for me, and have the same goal of food security, self-sufficiency, and building a healthy local economy.

    I am also having fun continuing the Green-Red series. Will post more, and perhaps some video of some of the techniques.

  6. Well done Jane! You are so creative. Heifer is on our list too!

  7. Terrific idea and worthy causes. Wish there were more like them in other states -- if the federal govt. would allow them we'd be much more self-sufficient.

    Please tell me again what the decision date is for the post office so I'll know how long to continue sending postcards. Thanks

    1. Hey, Lorraine! Thanks for all your cards - I look forward to them. Early in 2014 we will have some idea of the status of the PO. They will look at data from all of 2013 to determine if our little PO does enough business and has enough volume to continue its existence.

      Thanks again to everyone who has made contributions to the charities. I will post next week about what we, together, have been able to contribute. Heifer called me yesterday, and the guy almost cried when I told him that I was leveraging my contribution this way, and that so many of you were helping out.

  8. Wonderful idea Jane, and thank you so much for this opportunity.


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