Sunday, December 22, 2013

The GIVEAWAY Winner!

Kaye62, whose comment was #62 in the list, is the winner of the four 4"x4" panels and stack of paper.  What an enthusiastic response!  THank you all for your comments and indulging me with attention as I do my 4"x4"s.  One of you asked how far along I am in the goal of 400 pieces, and I am sad to report that I am only officially at 114.  I've done many more 4"x4"s, but I'm limiting the count to those that are "finished" pieces, pieces worthy of mounting and exhibiting.  Some whole groups of them don't quite make it - I start with an idea for a series, but it doesn't work in that format, or ends up at a dead end.  In my possession I have very few of the 4"x4"s, as many have been sold and a group of them are currently on exhibit at Gilded Pear Gallery. 

Here, again, is a picture of the little prize package.  It does not include the mounted piece.

For those of you who would like to buy your own 4"x4" panels, the best deal on them is at Cheap Joe's.  They make 3/4" deep panels in lots of sizes, and they are very sturdy.  To clarify my process:  I work on paper (slightly larger than the panel), and then mount the paper onto the panel.  This allows me the freedom to make a lot of pieces without using up panels.  Only the keepers get mounted.

Have fun with this, all of you who are inspired to make Teeny Tiny Art!!


  1. Hi Jane...
    You as usual are an inspiration..... I have started the small format series... 6x6 and find this is getting back in the grove........ especially like the bold (red/green/yellow) base color and then scratching... small is so easy to really get rolling.....
    Thanks..........and Happy Birthday.......50.. no wonder you have so much energy... Keep up the good work.........xxoo


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