Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Thanks for all your comments on my Gallery 47 show! I will post a how-to on the wood panels as soon as I get my next order from Dick Blick. Meanwhile, I wanted to show you some recent sketchbook output. I was looking at a few images of Kurt Nimmo, one of my favorites on Flickr. Inspired by the spareness of his work, I decided to play with the idea of paint-collage-line. Each piece has at least one paint application (and not much more), one piece of collage, and a linear element. These are made in the spirit of the JOY of creating!

I used a brayer to apply Baltic Green (Liquitex), then spritzed and blotted it, first letting the water drip down the page a bit. The collage is a bit of mono-print; and the line is a blind scribble.

More Baltic Green, plus quinacridone gold (Golden Fluid Acrylics) and some gray. Mono-print collage, and graphite scribble.

The paints here are Van Dyke Brown and Quinacridone Burnt Orange with a tad of Quinacridone Gold, all Golden Fluid Acrylics. The collage is a piece of a paperback cover, and the line is graphite. Plus a little sgraffito in the paint.

Quin Gold, Van Dyke Brown, a piece of book cover, and a line done in pen.

And for the last one I decided just to play with paint.


  1. How fun!!!! This is definitely something I will try. JUST DO IT, right?

  2. these speak to me...beautiful. Is the first one a blind-contour of your chicken? love them all...especially the 3 or 4 legged being in the next to last. Thanks for the heads-up on Kurt! cc

  3. I'm looking forward to your wood block info - they look so intriguing. And I just LOVE these pages! Kurt is also one of my favorites - I just adore his deceptively simple pieces and I see how these pages have been inspired by him. Beautiful!

    Happy Holidays.

  4. This technique has produced great images. Worth having a go I reckon... thanks.


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