Monday, December 26, 2011

More Self-Portrait Experiments

Here are a couple of experimental pieces I did in my sketchbook using the blind self-portrait one-liner drawings I did a couple of weeks ago.

One thing I love doing in my sketchbook is to put down at least two different things that will be a challenge to reconcile. On the page below I cut out and glued one of my blind self portraits. I knew I wanted to work on heavier paper, which is why I did not work on the original drawing, done in a light weight sketchbook. After applying some washes of color, I collaged some found and altered images as well as found text down in the lower left.

Now what? Well, I don't know. That's part of the fun. I looked back at my sketchbook and found this:
...which inspired the heavy black oil pastel lines, and also the color scheme.

In the piece below, I was just playing with my water soluble colored pencils. This is a new material for me, and I'm not yet comfortable with it. So why not just play with it in my sketchbook?

I do look as if I've been in a brawl, but it was fun trying to create a more spare image using the colored pencils than I usually do with paint and collage, and to try out new colors.

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  1. happy new year and thanks for sharing inspiration on your blog Jane!

  2. Fun experiments. I like the first one a lot! The last one does look like the aftermath of a brawl - and you lost! But it's a really cool drawing, and I like it as well. The middle one is a burst of color, and in late December, it is very appealing. Somebody's having fun!

  3. Your creative 'play' always produces amazing results Jane. Love these self portraits.

  4. I really like the last drawing! The lines are so interesting...

  5. I LOVE THIS!!!!!
    Yup. So much I shouted.


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