Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sketchbook Output

I am participating in CCP Videos' Holiday Paint-Out, designed to encourage all of us to keep on creating through the busy holidays. Here are a few sketchbook entries I did over the Thanksgiving weekend. The theme was "community", and I did have the concept in mind while I worked on these. Mainly, though, it was just great to get into the studio and PLAY!

These pages are not to be mistaken for finished pieces". I love using my sketchbook this way, though, just playing, pushing, seeing what happens when I use a color over that one, this pattern next to that text on top of something else... Check out the Paint-Out for inspiration, or just go to your sketchbook and see what happens.


  1. There's no stopping you Jane. While you say they are not 'finished' I hope some of those lovely bits end up in a collage sometime.

  2. i sooo love all of the color in these pages...they look so free and easy but planned out at the same time.....amazing.....one day i will afford myself to take one of your classes... ;-)

  3. I just love all the beautiful color I see in your work! sigh. Amazing!


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