Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thoughts on Self-Portraits

Several of the participants in my Text and Image Online Workshop expressed interest in doing self-portraits as an ongoing practice. So, of course, with my vast experience of doing self-portraits I thought I might host/teach an online class exploring this practice. Here are a few that showed up in our Text and Image blog:

Self-Portrait at Russian New Year

Self-Portrait after my "Branching Out"

Blind Self-Portraits in White Crayon and Watercolor

Mirror Mirror

So, I am wondering if any of you would be interested in this class? No commitments, just some feedback would be really great. I'd like to explore self-portraits in contour drawings, blind contours, paint, color, collage, fantasy, creating collage/paint environments around yourself, layering one portrait over another, cutting up portraits and putting them back together again, and generally using the self-portrait as an anchor for exploring the expressive potential of drawing, painting, and collage.


  1. This looks terrific! I like the exploration part of the description - incorporating the portrait into an environment and a color setting and playing with images in collage experiments. Your enthusiasm for this class is totally obvious;and you have so many ideas for the class that I can feel myself being drawn in. I know from experience in your other classes that there's no escaping being caught up in your enthusiasm, and I'd feel foolish turning down an opportunity to see where this would take me, especially since the portrait is only a part of a much larger adventure. Looks like another winner!

  2. I'm new to your blog and not really a collage artist but would love to participate in such a wide range of exploration.

  3. It sounds scary but very good for me! I'd like to do it.

  4. I love self portraits. yours are wonderful. i might possibly like to do this.

  5. Yes please Jane i read u on my google reader every morning as i have my coffee , just letting u know i love your work lol
    i adore portraits and would love a class like this , i also have your book lol

    bug hugz bev

  6. Something someone brand new to collaging could do? I would love to try.


  7. Definitely something a novice collage artist could handle. But I've looked at your profile, and you are not a novice artist, so that will help.


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