Friday, November 18, 2011

Holiday Paint Out

Creative Catalyst Productions is hosting a Holiday Paint Out on Facebook. The goal is to inspire people to keep creating art during the chaos of the holidays. It's also serving as a bit of promotion for Anne Bagby's third DVD, which will be the drawing prize each week. Each week CCP will send you a theme to inspire you, and you can post your work on the Facebook page. Click here to sign up! The first prompt, or theme, arrives in your e-mail box this Tuesday, November 22, just in time to spend some of your holiday weekend MAKING ART INSTEAD OF SHOPPING!!!! I posted a piece "pre-Paint-Out" on the Facebook page, which I'll post below.

This piece is inspired by this month's Sketchbook Challenge theme, Imaginary Animals, created by Carla Sonheim.

My Sketchbook Practice Survey is still open if any of you would like to take it. I will keep the survey open until Thanksgiving. It is SO INTERESTING to read what people say about their use of the sketchbook. So many common themes run through the survey results. I'll share the summary of it in a few weeks. THANKS!


  1. I love this piece's weird & wonderful! I don't Facebook but love the idea of making stuff rather than shopping.

  2. Good job, very beautiful.


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