Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Online Class - The Self-Portrait

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! I am officially offering the self-portrait course online now, starting January 2. Some of you may want to use it as a guide to doing a self-portrait-a-day, though that is not required in the class. In each lesson we will do warm-up self-portraits using various drawing implements, and then move onto the main project.

Blind Self-Portrait using white crayon and watercolor
The main projects focus on experimentation with materials and techniques rather than the finished outcome, and my hope is that this will take the intimidation factor out of the self-portrait. Meanwhile, along the way you will draw so many self-portraits you can't help but gain the skill of making a realistic one if that is what you wish. Read the full description here, and e-mail me with any questions.


  1. There is no price listed for the self-portrait workshop on your website and reading the policies and then clicking on the "buy" button does nothing. HELP please....

  2. THANKS, Shirley! I think I got that fixed. I put the price up, and I think I fixed the html code. I clicked "Buy Now" and it does bring me to a PayPal page.

  3. Hi there! Stumbled onto your blog via another blog (I am sorry I don't remember where I was's easy to get lost here in cyberspace, LOL). I love what I am seeing here on your blog! Guess I should follow you to see what else you do. Greetings from Wichita, Kansas!


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