Friday, July 29, 2011

Wind Hill Workshop

I had the great pleasure of teaching a private workshop at Wind Hill Farm yesterday, just about twenty minutes from my studio. Mary Gerster, the hostess, had seven friends over, some form Connecticut and New York, and a few who have houses in this area, and opened her studio up for a workshop. Read an essay by Mary here. She is very active in our local Southern Vermont Art Center. Her studio is the upstairs of a renovated barn (designed by my Sweetie, an architect) in a totally storybook Vermont setting - meadows, flowers, views of the Green Mountains.

Here are a few pictures of the event:

Jane, a retired art teacher:

Dot and Delores:

My demonstrations sample:

Mary's collage:

Jane's collages:

We were using stripes as a format for exploring aspects of composition. I love doing private workshops! Have art, WILL TRAVEL. If you are interested in hosting a Jane Davies workshop in your own studio (or church basement or fire hall), e-mail me.


  1. What fun, and what a delightful studio.

  2. Look. like a VERY pleasant place to work. Workshops are always great fun AND productive.

  3. Lucky Ladies.. great collages.


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