Thursday, July 7, 2011

Student Work

I've been busy with my two online classes, Keys to Dynamic Composition and Unlocking the Secrets of Color. These are no longer open for registration, but you can visit my Online Workshops page and read the descriptions. I will be offering them both again in January/February. Meanwhile I'll be offering new online workshops in the fall.

Here are a few images from Lesson 1 of Composition. I am so excited to see the fabulous work coming out of this class! These pieces represent several assignments, all involving repeated shapes.

Thanks for visiting! And thanks to all the workshop participants who supplied the eye candy!


  1. Hi Jane, As a new Follower on your blog it's nice to get your up to date posts... you are certainly busy and you're obviously encouraging some very good work.

  2. You are obviously a great inspiration to your students Jane.Nice work.


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