Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Student Work

I am blown away again by the gorgeous pieces that are showing up on my Keys to Dynamic Composition blog. These are pieces by students taking the online workshop of that name, which I will be offering again in January. These are studies, pieces in progress, and finished works dealing with the abstract landscape:

This is a group of small landscape studies:

And this is one more piece from Lesson 1 about shapes:

Thanks to all of you participating in this workshop, and thanks to everyone visiting the blog.


  1. Hi Jane - what wonderful work. I am amazed at the amount of talent out there.

  2. WOW!!!! I particularly like numbers 1 and 3, although they are all gorgeous.

  3. This is looking like a great class. Hmmm ... maybe I'll take it on your next go-round. Am I on your mailing list?

  4. I'm in the Unlocking the Secrets of Color workshop and was unable to take the Keys to Dynamic Composition workshop due to time constraints. Exciting to see the great work students are doing. Very Cool!


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