Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing Priscilla Read

I have been posting less frequently because I am happily busy with my online classes, Keys to Dynamic Composition and Unlocking the Secrets of Color. I'll be back to posting more regularly in a few weeks, definitely from Art Unraveled, where I'll be teaching on August 8th and 9th.

So, since I'm not doing a lot of new tutorials just now, I thought I would introduce you to one of the creative people taking my COLOR class, Priscilla Read. Check out her blog to view her fabulous quilts, drawings, paintings, and collage. She has been posting some gorgeous pieces in the class!

Here are a few pieces from our color class exploring paint and collage in specific color schemes.

In addition to taking my color class, Priscilla is also following the Sketchbook Challenge, with which I have been involved. I asked Priscilla a few questions about her art background and practice:

How did you get started in quilting?

I did a bit of quilting starting in 1976 when my son was born, then started back up when my father was in a nursing home in 1999. I made him a small quilt from a pattern in a quilting magazine. I immediately joined a quilt guild and learned everything I could about quilting. I served as a workshop coordinator for a couple years and took workshops in every technique possible from traditional to contemporary.

I see that you have the Sketchbook Challenge badge on your blog; what inspired you to follow the Sketchbook Challenge?

I follow blogs of some of the artists hosting the Sketchbook Challenge. Through those connections I happened upon the Sketchbook Challenge blog earlier this month. I intermittently draw and paint in a sketchbook or art journal, but haven’t kept it as a regular practice. The challenge themes interest me and the blog pages are filled with ideas and tutorials to jumpstart you if you get stuck. I like that the definition of a sketchbook and sketching is pretty open and includes any media and format. I like the idea of using the challenge as an opportunity to explore a new medium and as a place to share ideas with others.

How has the Sketchbook Challenge influenced your creative process?

I guess I’m not far enough along to say, but I expect it will open up new ways to express my creativity.

What role does color play in your work?

When I started as a quilter, I gravitated to traditional colors. As I learned more, my color palette expanded to include all colors from dull to highly saturated. I use contrast to make the color “sing”.

What drew you to take a workshop in color?

I’ve taken workshops for quilters in color and have done color exercises using both paint and fabric, but haven’t used both at once for color experiments in an organized fashion. I was drawn to this particular workshop because of the mixed media connection.

Can you tell us a bit about incorporating collage and other mixed media into your quilts?

One of my goals is to incorporate my own drawing, painting, and photographs into my work. As I am learning ways to use mixed media into my quilts, I am discovering my own unique style. I have a lot of interests and can’t decide on any one media – I guess that’s why I’m attracted to mixed media – I want to do it all.

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