Thursday, March 3, 2022

Workshop Preference and Advice for Beginners

 Here are the results of February's survey questions. 

The first question is: What is your preferred format for a workshop?

I was surprised to see more preferences for two- and three-day workshops than five-day workshops. The largest group was once-a-week live stream (zoom) workshops. Here are some of the "Other" responses. I like the suggestion of a once-a-month zoom format - I'd not thought of that.

Well as much as I would like to be in person, my new favorite format is zoom classes once a month-with homework. It really gives you time to dig in, practice, and figure out what your real questions are. I am also enjoying “membership” classes.

I love in-person workshops, 3 to five days. But during the last 2 years I also found the three to five day zoom workshops enjoyable becaI loved the diversity of participants - from other countries as well as the USA. I go back &review, reinforce.

I love in-person instruction over two to five days, but it's rare these days. Right now I'm enjoying different artist tutorials either via youtube or purchased through sites like Carla Sonheim where you have lifetime use of videos purchased.

Online zoom but with video catch up because life can get in way of zoom sessions.

The second question asked you to rank in order of importance the essential things a beginner should learn. That is, how important are the following for the beginner artist?

A way to start making art without much knowledge ranked #1, with All about materials and tools coming in at #2. After that Composition (#3), Techniques (#4), Color Theory (#5), Drawing (#6) and Working in a sketchbook (#7). Of course all of these topics are important, but I was curious to find out what you thought would be most important for beginners. 

The final question was about what advice you would give to your beginner self. In retrospect, what do you think would have been the best advice you could have received as a beginner. You can download all the responses here. I've kept them anonymous. Here is a summary:

Many of you advised your beginner self to:

  • Experiment a lot, play with materials
  • Suspend judgement
  • Make a lot of work
  • Focus on process, not product
  • Get out of your own way (let go of judgement)
  • Take classes, watch tutorials, etc. 
  • Relax and have fun
  • Practice a LOT - practice frequently or consistently

I really enjoyed reading your responses, and I encourage you to download the lot of them. All the respondents came up with great responses, and it was interesting to see how much we are on the same page about beginning an art practice.

Our survey questions for March are about having creative blocks and meltdowns. Find the survey here, and please offer your answers and submit! I think we could all gain from knowing how others handle creative challenges.

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