Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Stained Tissue Paper

 This months raffle, see image in the right margin, features all you need to make stained tissue paper for collage: a set of ten Golden Fluid Acrylics (plus I will add a couple from my own stash), a pack of white tissue paper, a 12"x16" disposable palette, and a brush. You supply the water. 

Buy Raflle Tickets Here.

Here is a video I made a couple of years ago on staining tissue paper. 


Recently I have been using stained tissue paper along with other materials in collage. Here are a few examples:

On the Edge #1, 11"x14"

Edging Away #1, 11"x14"

Off the Edge #1, 11"x14"

On the Edge #2, 11"x14"

Off the Edge #2, 11"x14"

I would love to get your comments on staining tissue paper. Have you ever tried it? How do you use stained tissue paper in your work?  
Click here to buy raffle tickets for this tissue paper staining kit.


  1. Love this. Makes great collage. Do you send prizes to Australia? It would be relatively inexpensive if you had a paper only prize.

  2. I've painted (acid-free) tissue paper as a way to use up paint on a brush - diluting it with water. Pre-studio fire had quite a collection of colors, often ombre'd, if that can be a verb! Most of my landscapes that say mixed-media use tissue paper in them, or gel prints, or both. In case you'd like to see how I use them:

  3. I've never even heard of this, but how interesting. These are wonderful examples. And I am loath to admit, Jane, that I had never even heard of you (yes, I lead a sheltered life, LOL) until tuning into Louise's conversation with you. Now I want everything you have to offer, and by the by, I do love your personality style: friendly, open, straightforward, like a Vermonter, and welcoming. Looking forward to some fun exploring. Now, back to your interview with Louise. Thanks!

  4. Hi Jane! I love this! In the past I've played around with bleeding art tissue, but not this. Thanks!!!


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