Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Survey Results

 I asked you a few weeks ago about your art practice. How does art fit into your life? And what is your main medium. Here are the results from that survey:

For the great majority of responders, art is a major component of their lives. It's either a profession, a serious hobby, or they describe it as a passion. The lines between these categories are pretty blurred. For many of you, art is a passion and a profession, or a passion and a serious hobby. Some took issue with the term "hobby", which was not unexpected. "Hobby" tends to suggest 'not serious' to some. Art for relaxation and self-care was a significant component for some of you. Here are a few quotes from those who checked "other":
"I want to make some kind of art and every once in a while I try, but I don’t know where to start. I have watched lots of videos and bought tons of classes, but feel unhappy and dissatisfied with everything that I do."

"I love printmaking and collage but I'm a beginner and am always frustrated with what I create, which makes me want to do it less, so I sabotage myself by always finding other things to do, like household chores. I"m trying hard to overcome this block."

"It is like breathing to me, necessary to my life and wellbeing. It keeps me connected with all of life self-healing wholeness."

 The second question, about your primary medium, had a big hole in the multiple choice options. I forgot to include watercolor!! Duh.

Not surprisingly, the greatest segment of responders work in acrylic and collage, same as me. The vast majority of "other"responses, again not surprisingly, said watercolor was their main medium.

A couple of quotes from 'other' responders:

"I am a ceramicist and create underglaze abstract “paintings” on my slab-built vessels. I explored 2-D through clay monoprinting, which led to acrylic painting. I now work in the two mediums — clay and acrylic — in a complementary fashion."

"Watermedia: tempera gouache watercolor Materials that are plastic free and eco friendly"

In addition to these, we got: artist's books, polymer clay, mosaic, soft pastels (another medium I should have included in my list), repurposed house paint, found materials, and a few other painting/drawing media such as ink, crayon, and so forth. 

Here is February's survey. This one asks about your workshop preferences and your advice for beginners. I will share results at the beginning of March. THANKS for participating!



  1. Hi Jane,
    Couldn't submit my answers to the February Survey. Don't know what went wrong.

  2. Tried submitting my answers to your Feb. questions but the page just jumps back to the top.

  3. My assistant says it's probably an issue with clearing your cache or rebooting your computer. It is working for me and for her, so I am not sure how else to test it.


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