Thursday, October 15, 2020

My Great Canadian Border Crossing

 Here are more Before and After images of pieces that came in my Great Canadian Border Crossing. I had artists in Canada send me a "start", which I added to and sent back. With the US-Canada border closed I have missed my trips to various parts of Canada this year.

Each of these pieces is approximately 5"x7".








Jeanne - Jeanne did the collage, I added the line.


 There are more to come in a future post. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for participating.



  1. I am really enjoying these samples. I spend time studying out what was changed before and after. It would be fun to post a few of the originals from the Canadians for us to print out and "add to." Then we'd send them to you to post as a group series. It would be great fun to see all the different ways different people would alter the piece. Just an idea..... Joyce

  2. These pairs are energizing & inspiring! Idea for a 100dayproject:
    Day 1- create a start in sketchbook, Day 2- finish start,note what was added, and make tomorrow's start on next page. Repeat successive days.
    Thank you, Jane and Canadian Friends! -Max in MN


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