Thursday, September 10, 2020

My Great Canadian Border Crossing

 Here are a few images, before and after, that have come out of my Canadian Border Crossing project, which you can read about here. This has been so much fun! And there are a lot more art pieces in the works. THANK YOU to my Canadian friends who have participated.

Patricia in Alberta

Marylou in Alberta

Lorna in Québec

Karen in Alberta

Deirdre in British Columbia

Brenda in Newfoundland

I have just named the provinces, not the cities, of the artists. My additions to the works are merely additions. I was not trying to 'finish' the pieces, just take them one more step along their journeys.


  1. Love these.
    Love collaborative art.
    What happens to them now? Do they get sent back or sent forward or stay with you?

    1. I send them back to their original authors, who are free to add more or call them done.

  2. These turned out so well! What a super fun idea. They are all so different and yet all so cool. Congratulations to the artists and to you, Jane!

  3. Love it! Thank you - that was a most excellent idea :-)


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