Monday, November 30, 2020

Mark Making Online Starting in January

 I am offering my Mark Making Online Workshop beginning January 6, 2021. This is an online workshop consisting of video and downloadable pdf lessons. No live streaming, so you can do the assignments and post your work at your convenience throughout the six week class. We use a Wordpress blog for posting and commenting on work, and I offer personal feedback on every post.

Learn to express with line, pattern, masses of color and splatters!

How many ways can you make a line?

This is a "wall collage" I made about a year ago - I used pushpins to tack various markings to the studio wall in an ephemeral composition.

Discover the potential of drips and splatters...

... Use collage elements as your marks.

We will also make our own brushes and marking tools. Best if you have a space where you can work on the floor and fling a bit of paint. Basement, garage, or outdoors. Or make yourself a cardboard fence to keep paint off the furniture.

See details and sign up here.

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