Wednesday, March 27, 2019

More Hearts

I started experimenting with hearts in late January, in search of a studio activity that I could do "just for fun". You can see previous posts here, here, and a video here. You can view the whole collection on Fine Art America.

My current collage hearts come from an exercise I did with my Collage-a-thon class in Portland the other week. We explored how the shape can be defined by positive and negative space.

Heart #39

Heart #40

Heart #41

Heart #42

Heart #43

Heart #44

Heart #45


Heart #48
All of these are approximately 5.5#x7.5"


  1. Your use of color always awes me. I'm going to spend some time studying this to scratch the surface of what you taught on positive and negative space. Thank you!

    1. Hi Tami. Thanks for coming to my class. I see you are a vegan cookbook author - how cool! Have fun with the hearts.


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