Saturday, March 9, 2019

Layering and Sanding

If you have been over to my Facebook page, you'll see that I'm working on pieces that make use of what I'm calling "extreme layering". I build up layers of collage (using Utrecht Matte Medium), and also layers of Sandable Hard Gesso, sometimes mixed with paint, and then sand down the layers with an orbital sander. I use a lot of other techniques as well, but this sanding offers such great surprises!

The above are all 14"x11" on Blick's Bristol. I think wood panel would be a good substrate too, but if you begin with a layer of gesso and then about four layers of collage, this bristsol is sturdy enough. I am using a lot of magazine papers as well as painted and printed papers. I have the benefit - thanks to those of you participating in my collage challenge! - of SO many different collage papers.

When I have explored this process sufficiently, I'll do a workshop on it.


  1. These are magnificent! Are they going to be available from Fine Art America soon? - because I want a print of each and every one. Also - keeping fingers crossed that your workshop will have an Online version.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I will make them available on FAA when I come up with titles.

  2. Couldn't you use regular gesso and sand that if you're going through layers?

  3. Sandable gesso?!? OMG I'll have to check it out. Thanks for that fab product tip!


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  5. I would love to see you using this sanding technique in a video, please. Lisa

  6. Really interested in a workshop on this technique!

  7. Love this process you're into! I would be interested in your workshop next year because I will finally be retired! Thanks, Jane!

  8. I love this and I’m fascinated the paper is strong and not is that possible!?

  9. The sandable hard gesso doesn't dry clear so did you use it mix with paint when you quieted down certain areas? Thanks


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