Sunday, January 15, 2017

Mentoring Workshop

This past week I was in Stowe, Vermont at the Helen Day Art Center with my mentoring workshop.  We all worked in one big studio, individually, and then came together for group discussions, lunch, and occasional silliness.  I offered one-on-one feedback and coaching to each participant, as needed, but also got inspiration and ideas from the group.  It was a fabulously synergistic experience!  I wish I had gotten more photos,  but I was busy painting.  Here are a few, though:
Part of my work space.  We each got a 6' table and a 4'x8' wall.

This is a bad view of the space itself.  The 4'x8' walls are moveable.

A piece from Leslie, after she discovered the technique of flinging house paint.

A sampling of Debbie's work

A sampling of Ree's work

After the flinging of house paint

"Green Acreage", one of my pieces I consider finished; 19.5"x25.5"

Another of my finished pieces, untitled, same size as above.

One more of my almost finished pieces.  I can see that the bit in the upper left needs to be painted over.
I will be doing more mentoring workshops; this one was the first, kind of experimental. What makes a mentoring workshop different from a regular one is that each participant works independently.  There is no instruction or assignments or demos, but I do give individual coaching and feedback.  I work alongside the participants.  The group has to be small - this one had eight participants, and that was about right.  It was made up of people I had worked with before in workshops, and I knew to be capable of independent work.

I have two workshops scheduled at Helen Day this year : 
  • Abstract Painting and Composition for Textile Artists; April 18 - 21, 2017
  • Big Fat Art, October 20 - 22, 2017
See them (and all of the spring workshops at Helen Day) here.  Scroll down for specific workshops.


  1. OK Jane, this mentoring workshop looks like it would be fun and a good time working independently on our own stuff with new insights added. I'd be interested if you had one out Portland, Oregon way...... just saying in case you are considering more of these.

  2. I have a couple of small pieces of Debbie's, love her work!

  3. beautiful and inspiring!
    does debbie have a website? id love to see more of her work. thank you!


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