Monday, January 2, 2017

A Continuing Series

This is a continuation from the previous post, in which I described my inspiration and exploration of the central cluster format. Here are some of the pieces, both in process and finished.
Spare Parts #4

Spare Parts #4

Spare Parts #2

Spare Parts #3

Spare Parts #6

Spare Parts #7

Spare Parts #8

Spare Parts #9

Spare Parts #10 - In Process

Spare Parts #11 - In Process

Spare Parts #12

Spare Parts #13

These are fun, and I will continue the exploration.  I would love to see if this can scale up, but for now I am going to keep them small.  I am using brush (acrylic paint), brayer (acrylic paint), collage, scribbling (crayon, graphite, Pitt pen), spattering (High Flow paint).


  1. so colorful and wonderful Jane!! I especially am drawn to the first one you show. That little bit at the bottom center looks like an ocean sunset scene:)

  2. The loss of clarity towards the sides reminds me of the vignette paintings of the past...very exciting concept...mraz

  3. I absolutely love your work!! Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Am loving this series and the process. These images look so fresh and spontaneous. Am partial to Spare parts #7 - perfect balance of movement and stability, like life... All the colors are energetic and joyful. When you develop this series as a course, please sign me up! :-) Thank You.

  5. These are absolutely beautiful! I love your style.


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