Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Buying Original Art

I found this article on Houzz, and it looked pretty compelling.  I buy original art, and over the years have accumulated a gorgeous collection, each piece unique and special, conjuring specific memories and emotions.  Open Studios is a great way to acquire original art at an affordable price, but buying from a show, especially at an art center, is exciting too. You support the artist and the art center at the same time.

9 Reasons to Buy a Painting


  1. I have so much original art in my small condo that there is little open space left... LOL, LOL, LOL

  2. I love buying original art. I had a large house and moved into a smaller home so now I rotate my art like a gallery, maybe every few months or so. I have it hung, on easels, and on the floor. I've bought at studios, galleries, and on the Cape we have a lot of summer art shows. You can see my Jane Davies piece the minute you walk in the door!


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