Friday, December 16, 2016

Fabulous Idea from Carla Sonheim

Carla Sonheim, an artist / illustrator that I much admire, sent a really fun newsletter with three good reasons why one-liners matter.  One-liners are drawings you do with one line, never raising your drawing implement from the page.  I included Carla's idea of one-liners in my Sketchbook Practice online class.  Here are a few of my one-liners - of CHICKENS, of course!

In my one-liner exercise, they had to be completed in thirty seconds or less, which is why two of the chickens are missing their heads.

Here are Carla's two elephants:
Check out Carla's Special Newsletter here.  And try some one-liners, for fun, or for any of the reasons Carla gives you.


  1. I've spent this whole year having fun "playing" with Carla Sonheim and her arts instructors. Great place to be inspired, practiced old skills, developed new ones, and create authentic work of arts. The contour line drawing is one of my favorite; it has improved my drawing skills tremendously. I've collected my drawings in several sketchbooks for future reference. Highly recommend her one year workshop, guarantee to keep you productive. 2017 will be my second year with Carla Sonheim. She's the most creative and generous person I've ever had the privilege to know. Thanks Jane for posting Carla's link and posting a blurb about her. :-)

  2. Love your chicken drawing! So fun! :-)

  3. This brought back memories of Betty Edwards(1989) Drawing from the right side of the Brain. I like to use this method when I sketch outdoors. Thanks for the reminder. mraz


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