Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Group of Work

I am really drawn to work that is more spare than I can seem to manage.  In several of my workshops this year I have had students working in this way.  Maybe 'spare' is not quite the right word.  Central cluster, breathing space around all four sides.  Here are just a few images of student work ('student' isn't quite the right word either, as these are all experienced artists)
These are gel prints by Leslie Fry, who is a sculptor.

One of many "studies" or "starts" by Sarah Bunker.

Ann Crain worked so fast and furiously in my workshop, I could not keep up with her!  Fascinating to see her process, and the pieces definitely capture her loose, free, expressive style.

These are studies done by Kate Webster, who kindly assisted me in Gloucester and at Omega.  I just loved these bold and confident collages.  She doesn't have a web site.

The above two images show the work of Linda Hazell, who was at the Omega workshop.  She doesn't have a web site either; I hope she makes one soon, as I would love to see more of her work!
I am actually TAKING one of my own online workshops - 100 Drawings on Cheap Paper.  It is actually a continuation of the one that began last August, for a small group of students who wanted to continue in a self-directed way.  We have two-week blocks in which to make our own lesson, and then make ten pieces that address the parameters of that lesson.  I am thinking of exploring this central cluster + breathing room for my next "lesson", but I have to define it a little more clearly. I'm taking some time to play with the idea freely.

Sixteen starts. This is the easy part.

One of the starts, unadulterated

The piece above with a bit of collage and spattering

This one might be even finished!  Beginner's luck.
All of the above are 30cm x 30cm (10"x10"). 


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the variety and all strong. I am especially drawn to Kate's work. Thanks for sharing, Jane.

  2. I love seeing all the art in this post. I agree with Jacki Long that all the pieces are strong. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Almost looks like they have their own framing. Love the minimalist - still impactful.

  4. what great art! Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice to see all the different possibilities. It's liberated.


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