Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Calendars! Journals! Phone Cases!

I've licensed artwork to WalkingDots for calendars, journals, phone cases (any iPhone model) and tablet cases (again, choice of models).  They are FUN!  Nice thing about the calendars is that you can start on any month of the year.  You get all twelve months, but since they are print-on-demand, they can format them to suit. Now, of course, it's a good time to get a calendar for the year of 2017.  There is a horizontal format calendar with twelve images, and a vertical one.

This is the goofy cover of the horizontal calendar. The twelve images inside are of my work, not of me! 
This is the month of June.

Cover of the vertical format calendar. All of the images in this calendar are from my series "100 Drawings on Cheap Paper", which are all 9"x12".

This is July.

The journals are 5"x8", lined.

Phone cases are available for six different phone models.

Tablet cases for iPad and iPad Mini
You can always buy prints of my work, sized and framed to suit, at Fine Art America.


  1. These look great! Do the H and V format calendars have the same images? Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Stephanie. The two calendars have different sets of images. You can browse them on the website.

  2. I adore these Jane, and will be purchasing very soon!

  3. Wow.. nice designs. Perfectly suits on Phone cases.


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