Monday, November 24, 2014

Winner of Extreme Composition Online Class

I wish I could take ALL of you in this class!  Such enthusiastic response.  Thank you for participating.  The winner is .... Lisa Ridolfi.  So, Lisa, it is your job to e-mail me with your info so I can sign you up.  Congratulations. The class is FULL to the brim now, so I am offering it again starting July 22.  Take a look here.

More on studio activities later in the week.  Hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday have a great holiday.  So much to be thankful for!  Thanks to all of YOU who come to my blog and create this great community.

Here is a video I did a little while ago, and just revised a teeny bit.  It's just for fun, nothing that you don't know already:


  1. love the sound effects! what a great idea to marry sound and colour.

  2. congrats to Lisa- and thank YOU Jane for sharing your amazing art and techniques with us!

  3. Congratulations to Lisa . . . and July 22? I'd love to hhowever that's just 2 weeks after I leave for the USA for a couple on months! More disappointment . . . I'll just have to paint over it.

  4. Thanks so much to the generous donor of the place in this class!!! Jane, I have e-mailed you my information. Looking forward to the class!

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