Friday, June 21, 2013

More 4"x4"'s

I've been working on some large canvases the last couple of weeks, but also going back to my 4"x4"'s because I have to deliver sixty of them to VTica next week (see previous post about the show). I will show you the canvases when they are done, which may be a while.  SO different working large on canvas than either working small or working on paper.

Here is a sampling of the new 4"x4" pieces:

See the 4"x4"x400 Flickr Group.  Join it if you like!


  1. I so respect your ability to work this small and make it work so well :))

  2. Oh fit such a huge impact into such a tiny space.

  3. GAWD! I love those grids!!!!! The text breaks up the color and adds a bit of mystery to the pieces. And those hot hot reds and pinks - totally luscious!

    Need to go jump in a pool after seeing them. hee hee
    And once again the volume of your input is beyond words. I'm getting ready to step up my pace. Not enough hours in a day!

  4. lovelovelovelove.......did I mention I love these?

    1. THANKS! Thanks everyone. It is pretty fun working this size, and though they take as much effort to resolve as larger works, it does take less time because of the size. I find I can let loose a bit more at this size because there is not so much square footage at stake. Still, they are deceptively challenging!


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