Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I am still working on my 4"x4"x400 project, and it may take me all year to get to the projected 400.  In the upcoming show at VTICA, called "Journey into Process" (see invite, below), I will be displaying 60 of the 4"x4"'s, mounted on wood panel, in two grids, three high and ten wide. 

Here are a few of the latest 4"x4"'s:

To participate in the 4"x4"x400 project, go here.  Or view the Flickr page.  If you are making 4"x4" art, please join the Flickr group and post your work!


  1. 4 x 4s, workshops (online AND real), books, you ever sleep?

  2. These are terrific, Jane. I love the ones with text in them, especially.

  3. Absolutely wonderful,Jane! I'm finishing up obligatory pieces and can't wait to get back to finishing up class. You are such an inspiration. I'm constantly thinking of patterns, texture, color. Brought back papers from Paris last fall and have so many ideas for them. Thanks!

  4. Very interested is this exhibit.. what an inspiration. As the above comment note... do you ever sleep?? Thanks for being

  5. Hard to pick a favorite, jane. I bet they will look fabulous mounted in a grid.

  6. hi jane--
    your beautiful work fills me with anticipation for your text and image class--
    i can hardly wait--

  7. Full of inspiration. I love the 4X4's and the wall display of larger pieces. Congratulations on the gallery show in July.


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