Friday, June 7, 2013

Another Update

Thank you all for your comments on my Shape pieces.  I am having a lot of fun with them, exploring different arrangements as well as substrates for gel printing.  First I want to show you some progress on specific pieces:

Shape 4 - before

Shape 4 - after

Shape 10 - before

Shape 10 - after

Shape 13 - before

Shape 13 - after

Shape 19 - before
Shape 19 - after
Shape 21 - before

Shape 21 - after
 And now, I'd like your opinion on displaying these pieces in a grid format.  They will be mounted on 10"x10" cradled panel, 1.5" deep.  The wall I'm hanging on is 9' high.  Here is a Photoshop mock-up:

I'm thinking of hanging them 6 wide and 6 high, with about 2" in between.  That would make the full grid 70"x70".  I have twenty-some finished, at the moment (plus two which have sold already), and enough more in the works that I'm pretty sure I could have enough for this grid.  What do you think?

Btw, these are for sale now for $195, unmounted, including shipping within the US.  In the show, mounted on panel, they will be offered at $275.  

Thanks again for all your feedback and encouragement!


  1. Dear Jane,
    I love your new work/process. You push on to the leading edge--to educate and delight us.
    I don't know how much space you will have. I would like to see several smaller groupings. Maybe arranged with similar colors. The BIG grouping is stunning but overwhelming. I would prefer smaller groupings so I could study the pieces individually.
    Keep on, oh inspired one,
    Sharon Creeden

  2. I love these shape pieces and have been fascinated by your process. It seems a very fine line between when to stop and when to add a little more - you have obviously got the experience and talent to judge that just right. I think your idea of mounting them is great but wonder if people would be able to see them properly, especially those that are nearly 6ft off the ground. I think I agree with Sharon that smaller groupings might be easier for people unless you could do a long narrow grouping which would keep the impact of having them all together but also be more practical for viewing. But that would depend on what wall space you have.

  3. THanks, Sharon and Angela! Maybe you are right, that the group of 36 may be a little overwhelming. I wonder about maybe doing them in groups of 6 (2 wide, 3 high) or four groups of nine (3x3). I hadn't thought of that, but I will discuss it with the director. Maybe I don't need to kill myself trying to finish so many of them. I'm also doing a wall of the 4"x4" pieces, and I do need a lot of those. This is very helpful!

  4. I just love this new shapes direction and am so thankful you showed your before and afters - it really helps me see the value of the good use of value in your backgrounds to show off the cool shapes. That's always something I struggle with and your pieces are such a good visual for that. I agree with you all and think the 3x3 format would work well because they could be grouped for similarity or for contrast and it's a common size format (3x3) that's comfortable to view. Love what you do!

  5. oh wow- I just love the finished versions Jane!!! I think your grid looks wonderful. Only thing I would suggest (only cuz it's my fave color and the first thing I noticed)is to move some of the ones with the strong red around so your eye goes around the grid rather than in a straight line. Just my very humble amateur opinion :)

  6. Just when I thought I could finally navigate the blog my comment got lost when I hit publish. Here is another try. I agree with the other that smaller groupings is the way to go. The pieces are so enticing that I can see the viewers wanting to explore the transparent layers and textures of the colors and shapes. The smaller groupings also invite the viewers to linger and not feel pressure to move on quickly. Very well done!!!!!

  7. The decisions you make are a lesson for me thanks Jane. As for the grid...looks great!

  8. So Cool!
    I love looking at your work!
    I am inspired!

    Please look at my ART Blog at:

  9. Love the paint spattering in #13. :)

  10. Stunning work, oh to have ideas and the creativity that you have!

  11. Great use of balance, Jane. I agree with the previous comments. I would like to see theses in smaller arrangements so they become more important individually. How deep are the panels? Because, that would make a difference in the groupings as well. I like seeing the before and afters. While the before paintings works well, seeing the complexity the backgrounds add is amazing because they evolve into entirely different paintings. Thanks for posting.

    1. Panels are 1.5" deep. Turns out I'll be doing just two groupings of four. All of the above comments have been helpful. I'm going to post about that now. THANKS!

  12. A beautiful, new direction with these! I especially love the calligraphic black linework over the primitive shapes. Do you mind if I ask what tools and paint you are using for the linework? I've been inspired by your use of gelli plates and ordered one today.

    1. Hi Laura! Thanks. I am using a reed pen with India ink for the line work. It's a little unpredictable. Oh, and then I'm using a plastic pipette with India ink too. Glad you will be using a gel plate. They are way fun!


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