Monday, April 16, 2012

Sketchbook In Progress

Thanks for all your comments on the gel plate work. It is fun fun FUN, and I'll be doing more.  Meanwhile, I am totally blown away by the work that's happening in my Sketchbook Practice class!  Check this out:
This is an exercise in exploring line.
And this is about circles.
Who knew you could get such fabulous variety from fairly simple exercises.  I will be offering this class again in the fall, date to be determined, but will definitely incorporate some of the exercises in my Collage Journeys in Vermont workshop this summer.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. If I only lived in the USA! Your workshops look great.

  2. Jo, Jane offers many workshops , this one included on line. They are just great! I have taken several of them. This one is my favorite I think.....well, that is until I take the next one! Seriously, do give one a try.

  3. Jo, I'm living in Montreal, Canada & I have become addicted to Jane's online courses since I have discovered them. Since January I have taken her color class, I'm finishing the composition one at the same time I have started her actual sketchbook and Text & Image classes! Her teaching is really great and the groups are amazing!

  4. Ditto Sylvia and Helene! Thanks to modern technology and the miracle of the worldwide web, Jane's tutorials are available throughout the universe! OK, at least on planet earth. Choose one - any one, every one. I'm pretty sure you won't find a better online experience - and you'll definitely get your money's worth! (Jane did NOT pay me to write this!)


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