Thursday, April 26, 2012

COLOR Online in June

As promised, here are a couple of images from my color workshop at Studio Place Arts a few weeks ago.  My online version is "Unlocking the Secrets of Color", and consists of a six-lesson class with online discussion covering color relationships, vocabulary, and loads of exercises in using color.  As a one-day live workshop I sometimes call it "Color Theory and Practice".  We don't get through as much material in a single day, but students do come away with a framework for thinking about and using color.

Beginning a color wheel
Angela making a color gradation

Student work from Unlocking the Secrets of Color online
My next online color workshop begins on June 6. Read the description here.

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning to go teach Scribble Collage at AVA Gallery in Lebanon, NH.  They have a great facility, beautiful classrooms full of light, and an awesome gallery with really interesting and inspiring shows.  The class is pretty full so far.  After class I'm driving to MA to see my parents for one overnight (and get in a Trader Joe's run), then teaching Fabric-Paper at Ink About It in Westford, MA.  That class is full plus a waiting list.  These both should be fun, as I will see old friends and meet new ones.  Thanks for visiting the blog!


  1. The student work pictured above is AMAzing! Fabulous. I am so impressed.

  2. You certainly bring out the best in your students... lovely work.

  3. Wow the colours on the student work have really inspired me to get my art journal out and play with shades of the same colour.


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