Friday, March 30, 2012

Playing With Ink Part 2

OK, here is what I did with the papers that resulted from Playing With Ink.  First I made at least a dozen 7"x7" backgrounds using only black acrylic paint.  For some I applied the paint straight up, then did a wash of it by adding water.  For a person who loves color, I sure am enjoying this black and white thing!

I just wanted to show one of them at a larger size.
So then I cut and tore up all of the ink experimental "drawings" I did, and added one, and in some cases two pieces of collage to these black and white backgrounds.

This one I did on a white background.
We'll be doing some of this sort of thing in my Collage Journeys in Vermont workshop this August.  We'll learn loads of techniques for painting papers and building a stash of collage materials, and then focus on the foundations of abstract composition.  We'll include at least one session of "collage marathon", in which we make collage after collage after collage: don't think, just do, like I did in the above series.  See the full description and details here.  And feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or suggestions.


  1. At the risk of sounding redundant---

    I love this and can't wait to start!!

  2. These are FABULOUS! Next to lots of color, I like B&W. No, wait! Next to B&W, I like lots of color. Oh, darn. Which is right? Whatever! These are really terrific compositions and combinations; and because I watched the video in the first post, I know that you had entirely too much fun making them for them to turn out so amazing. B&W? Color? Either and/or both. Playing outside the box. Great!

  3. I am so loving the freedom of this black and white absract art that I'm on my way up to my room to play-thanks so much!

  4. This is working really well Jane. Love what you've done.

  5. Oh my... these are terrific! I am so excited to take your sketchbook online course!
    PS: Great day today being a student in your color theroy class at SPA in Barre. I am JAZZED once again! Thank you.

  6. Love these, Jane. They are dynamic and visually pleasing, despite the absence (mostly) of color. Of course, I just want to add some bright orange, turquoise or red to jazz them up a little, but that's my addiction taking over.

  7. Excellent work, Jane! So powerful and playful, too.

  8. love the unstudied nature of these, and that you didn't go in and try to "unify" the parts. beautiful!


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