Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One more Sketchbook Practice Video

Couldn't resist posting this. I will get  back to Part 2 of the Ink Experiments later this week.

I am gearing up for my Sketchbook Practice class, which starts next week, and I can't WAIT!  I have twenty students so far, and room for more if you are interested.   Enjoy this video in any case.  I'm still trying to figure out how to add sound to it.


  1. I love all the random things you do...you just go for it and let it all happen and this is what makes your art good. Fun Jane! I love the photo of you and the feathered critter! : )

  2. That is amazing! No angst. Just fun! Thank you.

    1. Yes, I do try to keep angst to a minimum, and playing around in the sketchbook is the key for me.

  3. OK!!!!!

    I'm in. Throwing all concerns as outlined in my last email to you to the wind.

    This video looks like SO MUCH FUN I just can't resist! I love it when you speed up the videos.

    Out with the angst and in with the fun!

  4. Have you already sent out the supply list?

  5. This is totally inspiring and motivational. I can't manage the class this time, but I WILL take a class from you! I will.

  6. this is all about letting go....why do I think so much..I love what you're showing and it's such a good example; thank yo for sharing.
    I love your 'collage journeys' recently bought.

  7. love your efforts, and you make it all look effortless and so easy to compose a collage!
    looking forward to the class on 28th.

  8. Try bubble printing! :-D So much fun. Take your ink and some bubble blowing solution (or make your own) and mix them together in a shallow container. Blow like mad with a straw, dip paper onto them. Beautiful stuff right there.

    They made some lovely photograms, too . . .


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