Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solstice Series

I just started a series that I am calling "Solstice Series", only because it is Summer Solstice. Since I just began this yesterday, I don't really know if any of them are finished yet. They'll have to sit for a while, but I thought I'd share some of my process with you.

I started this series with a basic composition in mind: vertical stripes, and some kind of circle. Only this one has the circle so far:

But this one is getting there. I don't think this one is finished yet:

This one may be finished. At this point I don't think it needs the circle. It turns out to be more about the stripes, shapes, scribbles, and textures:

I am liking the depth of layers here, but not sure where it is going next:

Here are a couple of "stage 1's" in this series. I'm using Nickle-Azo Yellow, Quinacridone Gold, and a couple of reds.

The pattern underneath the color is created by squeezing out acrylic medium with a scribble motion, then placing another paper over it, face down. So you get two sheets of paper with the scribbled design. Like a print. I let that dry, then use a credit card to scrape on the paint.

I create a little more texture like this:
  1. Lay down one color of paint (unevenly) and let it dry.
  2. Apply another color over it.
  3. When the second coat is just tacky, use a plastic pipette or eye dropper to apply water in drops or scribbled lines.
  4. Wait until the paint is dry and the water has soaked in a bit, and then blot with a paper towel.
Maybe I'll do a video tutorial on this if anyone is interested. It's a fun way to build up texture. Thanks for visiting! And happy Solstice!!


  1. Jane, I just love your experiments. They are right in your face, in a good way. Of course we are always interested in a new video.

  2. I enjoy the simplicity of your process and play. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very beautiful, indeed!
    Love it all, great work :]

  4. I would love to see a video!

  5. Lovely work... I especially love the first one with the big circle. In response to your question about painting on tea bags - I dry the used tea bags with the tea inside them, and then open them up and empty the tea out. The tea bags are tea stained and beautiful, but besides that the paper is really durable, and can stand up to lots of wet work, and is also translucent - perfect for layering!

  6. Gorgeous, hot summer colors, Jane. I was thinking solar this weekend, too, because I also created a collage with a circular element.

    I love your layers of paint and resist. Those are techniques I want to learn more about.

  7. Hi Jane, Just love your work...wish I could collage like you do.....regards, ann.


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