Sunday, June 26, 2011

Greetings from Guilford!

I am having such a great time at the Guilford Art Center in Guilford CT! What a fabulous group we have! And even though some acrylic medium spilled all over my camera in transit, I am happily able to post pix because one of the participants, Cathy Farrell, kindly took photos and e-mailed them to me last night. What a gal!! So here are a few photos of just a fraction of the papers we painted yesterday:

We painted on Cheap Drawing Paper, on deli paper, and then we stained tissue papers, which will be dry this morning. We will learn one or two more techniques today, and then focus on making collage compositions using our papers. Sharon Gorberg is taking more pix, and will e-mail them to me soon so I can post even more tomorrow. I'll also scan some of the individual papers to give you a better look.

I am delighted to have Diane Wright in my class this weekend. She is a fabulous art quilter (check out her blog!!), introduced to me by Vivika DeNegre, whom I heard about through Jane LaFazio, one of my Sketchbook Challenge sisters! LOVE this networking thing! More about Vivika and company in a later post. She has an interesting project I want to show you. Stay tuned.


  1. What a disaster with the camera, Jane. I'd be beside myself, but you've retained your 'cool'.
    Looks like the class was fun and VERY productive.

  2. i would soooo love to take one of your classes *sigh* but i'm contenting myself with your 'collage journeys' book, instead...:)

  3. What a fabulous fun weekend at Scribble Collage!!

    Look forward to seeing more pictures.

    As always ~ another inspiring, fun and productive workshop with YOU!

  4. oh what fun..l would love to do a class with you Jane..are u any where else in Uk? I live in Putney, London?. Love your work and have your books. Oh dear l sound like a mad fan..sorryx lynda

  5. oops just realised...your Guilford is in USA not UK..ha!!!!!!


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