Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tearing Pages

In the spirit of experimentation, I tried tearing a few of my sketchbook pages in two, then tearing same blank pages in the same way and switching them. You may have seen my post on the Sketchbook Challenge blog about my Color Collage Pages. I had a sort of break-through with them, and it was a lot of fun. So what could be more fun than tearing them apart?
Very liberating! Here is the purple page, glued to a torn blank page:
And here is the orange and blue page glued to a blank page with some painting and drawing:
I first filled in some areas with watercolor (not my usual medium), then did the drawing BLIND, yes, with my eyes closed, with a gel pen. I opened my eyes to make that top left shape into a chicken. I knew those chickens would show up somewhere! If you are afraid of drawing, try it with your eyes closed. It gives you a lovely sensation of movement, contact with the paper, slowness or speed. Let me know if you've ever tried this, or if you have any other tips for the drawing-challenged. Thanks for visiting.

PS: My new revised web site is up today.


  1. Jane,
    Even your scribbles are artistic! I am so new to this whole thing that the thought of tearing up a completed page makes me cringe! I,
    unintentionally, left some blank pages in my journal and wondered what I would do with them. (They kinda stuck together!) But, now, maybe the muses were playing with me in order to find this post and use your example to challenge me. Crazy muses.
    Thanks for letting YOUR muse talk to mine!

  2. This is exciting! Thanks. I'm off on a tear. . .

  3. I guess you could say you're on a "tear"... Ha... seriously.. what another great way to approach art.

  4. Switching out pages is a great idea! I've been gluing in tip-ins, but mixing the mixed-media - brilliant! PS - went and looked at your new website - its beautiful good work and congratulations


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