Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Happy February! Did everyone check out the new theme on the Sketchbook Challenge? Opposites, presented by Laura Cater-Woods. I can't wait to start!

February might be a good time to start thinking about summer - for me it is, anyway - so if you are looking for an art retreat in a low-key, supportive, and focused atmosphere, consider my Collage Journeys in Vermont.
August 15 – 19, 2011

Join me, Jane Davies, for a five-day adventure in collage and mixed media at my studio in beautiful rural Rupert, Vermont.

This workshop, based on my books “Collage Journeys” and “Adventures in Mixed Media” will take you on a journey exploring diverse avenues for tapping into your creative wellspring of ideas and images. You will draw and paint with abandon, tearing up the results to make beautiful collage compositions, learn techniques for sketchbook journal, discover the evocative possibilities of text and images relationships, develop personal visual and iconographic vocabularies, and much more. You will come away from this workshop with

· Greater confidence in your expressive capabilities
· New skills and techniques for creating meaningful art
· A sense of your own creative potential through collage and mixed media
· A set of practices for keeping your creative skills honed
· Several finished projects

We will take some time for projects of individual interest, and the studio is open 24 hours for your use. Some materials will be provided, though I will provide a supply list as well.

Housing and Meals

I will send each student a list of accommodations in the area*. There are many charming B&B’s and inns within fifteen minutes of my studio, at a variety of price ranges. Lunch will be provided each day of the workshop and is included in the fee.

Cost: $475, includes tuition, lunch, and some materials.

Contact me for more information or to register.

*I can rent a guest house just kitty corner from my studio which has 4 beautiful bedrooms plus 2 full baths, one half bath. If four of you want to commit to this, I'll take a deposit and rent it. Likewise, there is a rental next door which accommodates three. Either of these options would likely be cheaper, closer, and much nicer than anything else in the area. Please let me know EARLY if you are interested.
This is the guest house rental: wrap around porch, screened in shady patio....

A few comments from Collage Journeys 2010:
I am so inspired to create now that I have returned from my art retreat, Collage Journeys, in Rupert, Vermont. Being with Jane her in person far exceeds anything that could ever be learned in a book (But buy “Collage Journeys” anyway….it’s fantastic!) Not only was her studio so welcoming and easy to work in, but Jane is a host beyond compare! The workshop was….in a word, PERFECT! - Marianne Mullen
Jane’s teaching moved me ahead in the work I am trying to do. Now I feel free to use paint and rip things up and cover things. I always wondered how people got those interesting layered backgrounds for collages, and now I know some ways. It was great to try things I had only read about in her excellent book, “Collage Journeys”. Sometimes I feel my work is out in left field, compared to what others are doing, because I just go my own way and follow my own leading, but I felt that Jane understood what I am attempting to do, and that meant a lot to me. - Deborah Simmerman

I have been painting and pasting and tearing and cutting this afternoon and can't help but think of you. Back home, working alone, I am beginning to see how much I learned during the workshop. It was more than I'd expected and I want to thank you again for sharing your home and studio, your experience and knowledge and most of all, you. - Connie Rosenthal


  1. This looks to be an incredible retreat, Jane. ooooo... am SO tempted.

  2. How do my friends and I go about signing up? This looks fabulous. I sent you an email, Jane (jane@janedaviesstudios.com).


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